Empowering South Africa: The Solar Evolution Unveiled!

Empowering South Africa: The Solar Evolution Unveiled!

Amid persistent power cuts, businesses and residents in South Africa are spearheading a solar surge! The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) has disclosed a remarkable R11 billion investment in solar PV technology during Q3 of 2023.

From July to September, an impressive 71% of new generation facilities focused on solar PV, signalling a shift towards sustainable energy solutions. NERSA recorded 98 new facilities, totalling 908MW, including 7 designated for commercial purposes.

The financial commitment to solar PV technology reached R11.4 billion, with nearly R2 billion allocated to alternative energy projects. The overall expenditure on new generation projects hit an impressive R17.4 billion in just three months!

Over the past five years, 1,185 facilities, boasting 5,785MW, have been registered. Solar PV’s popularity is attributed to its versatility in small and large-scale generation, complemented by abundant South African sunlight.

Major retailers and property groups are embracing solar power to maintain smooth operations. Industry giants such as Shoprite, Pepkor, Pick n Pay, Growthpoint, and Redefine installed solar panels between July and September.

Shoprite, for instance, covered 174,534m2 with solar panels, generating a remarkable 50 million kWh annually. Why? To navigate through load shedding, reduce their carbon footprint, and slash diesel costs, which once soared to R100 million monthly during severe load shedding!

Growthpoint Property reported 12,837MW per hour from its solar projects in 2022, with an aim to reach a total capacity of 46MW by 2026/27. Meanwhile, Redefine Properties leads with the largest fleet of rooftop solar panels in SA, boasting 36MW and investments exceeding R400 million. In 2022, solar energy contributed nearly 18% to Redefine’s mall energy consumption, generating over 34 million kWh.

The B6 Group, specifically NOESKOM, is at the forefront of championing a sustainable energy revolution in South Africa amid the looming energy crisis. NOESKOM is an end-to-end Renewable Energy Utilities Company with a focus on solar energy. By leveraging tax incentives and attracting private investor capital, we aim to guide the nation towards a green energy future. The strength of NOESKOM’s collective efforts lies in the synergy of tax opportunities and private investor capital, acting as catalysts for significant investments in sustainable energy initiatives. With an extensive network cultivated locally and internationally, NOESKOM is well-equipped to shape a sustainable energy future. We invite stakeholders, industry leaders, and the community to join forces in our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Let’s embark on a journey that harnesses the potential of green energy, not just as a response to the crisis but as a pathway to a resilient and eco-friendly future. #B6Group #NOESKOM #GreenEnergyFuture #SustainableSolutions #B6GroupImpact #SolarPower #SouthAfrica #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #GreenEnergy #EnergySolutions

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