Author: Pedro
Empowering Your Solar Journey: Prioritising Quality in South Africa’s Solar Landscape 14 Dec 2023

In the vast expanse of South Africa’s solar realm, the cornerstone of a fruitful solar investment is undeniably quality. Serving as the exclusive distribution agent for Rayleigh Instruments (UK) across the African and Middle Eastern regions, B6 Rayleigh Energy, a company under the B6 Group, stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability. Established in […]

Powering Forward: South Africa’s Energy Revolution 12 Dec 2023

South Africa’s energy regulator recently approved 98 power-generation facilities, boasting a total capacity of 908 MW in the past three months. This increase in private projects is a response to the state electricity company’s struggle to meet rising demand, resulting in controlled power outages. Primarily propelled by solar technology, these facilities, valued at R17.3 billion, […]